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*New York Times CRITIC's PICK! "Robust documentary portrait of lifelong rebel and art-world gadfly." Cenedella comes across as a reassuring voice of sanity.
-Stephen Holden, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel. Robert Cenedella has P.J. Carney’s." FILM PUTS ART-WORLD REBEL ON NEW CANVAS
"A REBEL WITH A CANVAS! PROVOCATIVE! Kinetic from the opening shots! ART BASTARD is about a proudly unrepentant troublemaker who tilts at the art-world equivalent of Don Quixote’s windmills!"
-Bob Mondello, NPR
Meet The NYC artist who crucified Santa Claus -by Barbara Hoffman, NEW YORK POST
"An intimate portrait of the iconoclastic artist Robert Cenedella... Socially conscious and often mordantly humorous, the paintings are wonderfully exhibited in this film which benefits from being seen on the big screen."
"A loving tribute to one of the most delightfully tenacious and ardently passionate voices in modern art... highly recommended to art junkies"
-Oktay Ege Kozak, THE PLAYLIST
"Victor Kanefsky's engaging and thought-provoking documentary about Cenedella, is a beautiful portrait of the man himself, as well as a critique of the art world that has ignored him (and others) because they don't "fit." -Sheila O'Malley,
"4 stars! A pure delight! This tribute to a marvelous talent is long overdue, and 'Art Bastard' pays an invigorating celebration to a one-of-a-kind genius."
-Phil Hall, The Examiner
ART BASTARD: Robert Cenedella Has Never Been An Art World Darling, And That's Fine
"A little gem... a witty, joyous, and utterly deserved takedown of the art industry"
- James van Maanen,
"THE BEST FILM ABOUT ART I HAVE SEEN... A scintillating, visually splendid look at the life and satirical work of socially conscious, talented and articulate art rebel Robert Cenedella. The art establishment should take a fresh look at Cenedella’s work, which certainly deserves a major, reflective New York exhibition at this point in time."
- William Wolf,
"A vibrant and tender movie... A thoroughly engaging portrait of a witty and driven artist whose life story is as poignant as his paintings are comical and wild... A sweeping look at an artist driven to speak his heart and to live life true to who he was... You will enjoy your 84 minutes with Bob Cenedella. Like his paintings, he’s one colorful character. Bravo to the filmmakers for celebrating his life and works."
-Roberta Fallon, ArtBlog
"I love this film... ONE OF THE BEST FILMS OF THE YEAR!"
"Track this film down and see it. It will do wondrous things for your outlook on life."
"Robert Cenedella is absolutely compelling. Listening to him talk about life and art is one of the great cinematic treats I've had recently."
-Steve Kopian, UnseenFilms
"A feel-good film that, for once, doesn’t denigrate the term. As a serious artist who has spent 60 years of his life making people laugh, Robert Cendella is my new art hero. His story is a must-see for those who champion free speech and the inherent power of a solid belly laugh." -Scott Marks, SAN DIEGO READER
"A great film about a brilliant artist who is finally getting his due. I highly recommend it."-Mark Saldana,
"The most inspiring documentary about making art that I have ever seen in my life."
-Louis Proyect, The Unrepentant Marxist
All Due Respect: With Documentary ART BASTARD, Robert Cenedella Hopes To Go Direct-to-Audience
-Carlos Aguilar, MOVIEMAKER Magazine
”You'll Love It Instantly!” - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
"A fascinating, wonderful artist. I loved this movie. Go see it." -Ann Northrop, Gay USA
"Cenedella is a natural storyteller – a valuable gift if you're painting narrative pictures – and it's best to follow his lead. When in doubt, stay out of the bastard’s way." "If you can't be with [Cenedella] over a beer or two, or in the studio, Art Bastard is the next best thing."
-David D’Arcy, Bluoin Artinfo
"Affectionate and vibrant... thoroughly captivating documentary"
-Tomris Laffly, TIME OUT NEW YORK
"A compelling indictment of the way commerce drives the art market" -Stephanie Merry, WASHINGTON POST
FILM PICK OF THE WEEK! "Cenedella is an entertaining, unconventional character." -Pat Padua,
"Victor Kanefsky’s great film on this unsung artist is a feast of wonderful jarring-awake images, New York vibes, brilliant colors, strong opinions and laughs. -Janet Coleman, WBAI
"An amusing, touching film!" -Jack Meyer, HUFFINGTON POST
"An artist and bohemian in the truest sense of those words is celebrated in this inspiring doc about his work and gloriously independent life. The roiling, often hilarious and satirically biting art of Robert Cenedella calls to mind the work of Breughel and George Grosz."
Robert Cenedella is a True Life 'Art Bastard' -Allan MacDonell, THE KIND
"Fascinating, incendiary, inspiring. Don't miss it!" -Mike Sargent, WBAI / Pacifica radio
"An honest and endearing profile" --Julie Pendray,
"Cenedella continues to launch spitballs at the establishment, paint terrific pictures, and attract devoted admirers. This film should win him a bunch more." -
Jonathon Richards, Santa Fe New Mexican
What gets shown?
By Scott Marks, June 8, 2016
"an up-close and personal examination of an artist, his work, and post-war America."
"The film finds its strength by simply letting the subject talk and tell his life’s story"
"brilliantly exploits a relatively niche subject by making it palatable for the viewing audience."
"with any luck, you may one day find yourself acing a “Final Jeopardy” question about Robert Cenedella."
by Alex Duffant,
"4 Stars! You may not recognize the name going in, but after spending 82 minutes watching director Victor Kanefsky cast a heartfelt lens in Cenedella's direction, you'll never forget him."
"The perfect way to celebrate your dad on Father’s Day would be taking him to see this picture."
"A zesty, engaging documentary about a veteran outsider."
-Robert Abele - LA TIMES
The madly teeming pop-cartoon paintings of Robert Cenedella anchor this lively look at a self-styled superstar of outsider art.
-Owen Gleiberman,
Robert Cenedella: The provocative anti-establishment outsider behind Art Bastard
Monsters & Critics-Jack Egan
Artnet News
10 Great Art Documentaries To Watch This Summer
You need to see these films if you love art.
Henri Neuendorf, July 13, 2016
Exclusive Art Bastard clip premiere on FANDANGO (
Exclusive Art Bastard clip premiere on The Playlist
Exclusive Art Bastard featurette on Apple Trailers
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: 'Art Bastard,' Gets A Distributor, Premiere Date
INDIEWIRE: CAVU Pictures Sets Release Date for 'Art Bastard,' a Colorful Doc About Artist Robert Cenedella --
WE ARE MOVIE GEEKS: CAVU Pictures Releasing ART BASTARD On May 20, 2016 In New York --

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Art Bastard The art world’s "best kept secret", Robert Cenedella. -Katie O'Connor, Toronto Film Scene
"Robert Cenedella is an enfant terrible of the art world" -Pat Mullen, Point of View Magazine
The End of the World is coming to Manhattan! Robert Cenedella, the “Art Bastard”, brings his vision of the apocalypse to a gallery window just a week before the US election. David D'Arcy, The Art Newspaper
"Robert Cenedella the 76-year-old sees as a crooked scene in which the mediocre decide the fate of genius. " -Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail
The film has its Canadian premiere Friday at Hot Docs. -AM640, The Jeff MacArthur Show
Charles Adler with legendary New York artist Robert Cenedella. The Charles Adler Show on SiriusXM 167, Toronto
Robert Cenedella on 'Art Bastard,' the art game, and the narrow minded establishment and what isn't art.
-David Peck Live Rabble 'Face2Face'
-David Peck Live Radio Face2Face
Plaid Zebra:New film puts one of the most gritty, honest and controversial artists in the spotlight.  Jessica Beuker
IndyNYC: Interview Completed – Link Pending
Cenedella is a great doc subject and his painting—satirical, filled to the brim with people. Marc Glassman, Classical 96.3 FM Marc Glassman, Classical 103.1 FM
Cenedella is a portrait of a strong and determined artist.   -Andrew Parker, The Gate
Movies Move Me: Link pending
Art Bastard is as energetic, humorous and unapologetically honest as the uncompromising man at its center, Robert Cenedella. Metra Critic
Meet the rebellious New York artist Robert Cenedella, Blog TO